No conferencing as usual during genocides!

No conferencing as usual during genocides!

Dear colleagues and friends, dear concerned CEEISA-ISA 2024 participants & members,

No conferencing as usual during genocides!

Many of you might have already seen and signed the International Studies BDS pledge (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) and/or participated in marches and solidarity actions for Palestine during ISA 2024 in San Francisco, BISA 2024 in Birmingham and/or other academic and beyond-academic settings. Given the ongoing genocide, scholasticide, educide, and ecocide against the Palestinian people and our Palestinian colleagues in Gaza, and in line with the call by Gaza academics and university administrators to the world, we would like to invite you to join us for a number of protest-actions during the upcoming CEEISA-ISA 2024 conference in Rijeka. 

With this protest, and related events, we reaffirm solidarity with Palestine and its longstanding resistance against occupation, apartheid, and militarized terror. We firmly stand against scholasticide and educide of our colleagues and educational landscapes in Gaza, and stand in solidarity with students and educators in Gaza, the West Bank and occupied territories. We demand institutional action and response from the CEEISA leadership, as we center the urgency to uphold the commitment to academic engagement in the freedom struggles and to speaking truth to power. 

In upholding these intentions, please join us in the following actions: 

  1. Using our respective panels to talk first – and primarily – about Palestine, about the genocide that has been long unfolding by the Israeli state with the active support (financial, military, political and ideological) from the West, but not only.
    1. In doing this, we refuse to ‘conference’ as if everything is ‘normal’, as if this conference hosting many panels on peace and conflict studies is ‘business as usual’. 
    2. In doing this, we can at the very least refuse to normalize what is happening in Palestine and reflect on the complicity of the academic community.
    3. In this direction, please consider reading one of these statements at the start of your panels/roundtables –, acknowledging that CEEISA-ISA is taking place whilst genocide, scholasticide, and educide is occuring in Palestine. 
  2. Organization of a spontaneous discussion on Wednesday, 19 June, at 12:00 pm in the lobby of the Civil Engineering building, on academic freedom, the role of and responsibility of academics/intellectuals, censorship, and violent suppression of the students’ encampments around the world, and with a particular focus on CEE countries and academic institutions.
  3. A second, spontaneous discussion on Thursday, 20 June, at 12:00 pm in the lobby the Civil Engineering building on the links, convergences, and solidarities between CEE and the ongoing omnicidal violence (Ghosh 2021) in Palestine perpetrated by the Israeli forces. This includes transnational solidarities, current and historical, and expression of support for the people of Palestine, but also complicities, and arms trade with Israel, whitewashing of genocide, links to other ongoing genocidal violences in Congo, Sudan, Kashmir, Yemen, Ukraine and elsewhere. 
  4. As a culmination of the above, a protest gathering in solidarity with Palestine on Friday, 21 June, at 12:00 pm in the lobby of the Civil Engineering building. During the gathering we will read a joint statement and a demand for institutional response by CEEISA to follow other academic associations and take a stand regarding the genocide, followed by a moment of silence to remember the victims, the students and educators, our academic colleagues in Gaza who have been killed during the current wave of omnicidal violence.

We believe that holding our institutions and associations accountable, and speaking truth to power is of paramount importance always and everywhere. We hope that you will join us. 

In solidarity,

The YugoslaWomen+ Collective & Friends 

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